Alpaca Quilt

The ultimate in luxury, these quilts are made using only the finest Australian Alpaca fleece. To ensure the comfort and the durability of the quilt, all Alpaca quilts have a inner cover that is stitched in a diamond pattern to ensure the fibre stays in place. In addition, the cover is a pure high quality cotton, giving you a wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep. Gorgeously soft and wonderfully warm, these Alpaca quilts are proudly made in Australia.

Priced from AU$359.00 – AU$589.00


Care instructions: To ensure the longevity and quality of your product, we recommend dry cleaning these quilts.

FILL: Pure new Australian Alpaca fleece

COVER: Sateen – Pure high quality cotton

SIZES: Single, Double, Queen, King

LOFTS: Available in 2 lofts – Light (approx 1- 2 blanket warmth) and High (approx 2-3 blanket warmth)

GUARANTEE: 5 years

CARE: Dry Clean (P)

Single: 150 x 200 cm
Double: 180 x 210 cm
Queen: 200 x 230 cm
King: 220 x 240 cm

Alpaca is a super-soft fibre. Unlike its close relative, wool, Alpaca does not have scales on the fibre, making it naturally smooth & soft. There are many different types of Alpaca, but the best, which Bambi use, is Super Fine Alpaca fleece. At around 16-18 microns, this fleece has the feel of cashmere. (To give an understanding of how fine Super Fine Alpaca is, most human hair is at least 100 microns – 5 times thicker than alpaca fibre).

Alpaca is a completely hollow fibre, meaning it has a massive propensity for trapping heat while, at the same time, being extremely lightweight. In tests conducted by the Yocum-McCall Testing Laboratories, alpaca fibre was shown to be three times warmer than sheep’s wool.

Unlike other fleeces, Alpaca does not contain Lanolin, which puts it into the classification of a ‘dry-fibre’. The benefit of a ‘dry fibre’ is that it requires no chemical processing whatsoever, making it not only hypo-allergenic, but a very eco-friendly fibre.

Alpaca fibre is almost completely waterproof. This is because water is not absorbed into the hair, but rather, sheets off it. This capability comes down to the fibre being hollow as it traps in more heat and mechanically pushes the water away. Because of this, Alpaca does not smell and is not subject to mould and mildew under normal circumstances.

Alpaca is a versatile fibre which is produced on a gentle, hardy animal.
Alpaca is soft, warm, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, breathable, durable and virtually waterproof. It is also stain, mould & mildew resistant.


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